Stuart's Book

The Great Undoing

The Great Undoing
by Stuart Schwartz

Book $22.50

"If you want to "get" nonduality in a 200 page book
containing one short poem per page, this book will do the job.
This book is like bubble pack, that transparent plastic blister
used to package items of merchandise.
Reading each poem is like inviting a certain tension (pressing down on the bubble)
and then experiencing a release (the pop). Over and over again.

When we forget who we are
we react and fight for our lives

When we remember,
we see that there is no one
to fight and no issue of death

A release or relief accompanies almost every poem. The idea is that you will one day find you are always walking in the state of release."

- Jerry Katz Non Duality Highlights

The book and more information is available on Amazon and Non Duality Press UK