Satsang in NYC, New York – Transcript

Stuart: Say it again.

Tom: Radiance, like the glint of sunlight against a jewel, refracted endlessly, internally. Like the motion of a flower opening, ringing eternally. Before the world is made and after. Greedily drawn, the pieces of this broken heart. The way a fire draws air and nothing is left, and nothing can ever be wrong. As though being this were a galaxy of pulsing suns, pouring forth unlimited inexhaustible energy. Piercingly sharp and envelopingly soft at the same time. You would lie down and die this instant if you knew the sweetness of death and how it loved you and loves you still and will always love itself. For death is also another word for radiance. The air is singing and dancing. The light is singing and dancing. It is being drawn back into the bodiless body of God until there is no separation and no world, only the bliss before the Universe was born.

Stuart: Thank you. One more time. I just came back from Ireland, which is always raining. So, I brought heavy clothes and it was sunny and warm, which it never is. It was gorgeous. So, we don’t know anything. I don’t know anything. That’s the truth. That’s the whole truth. We think we know. We assume things. We think we have to know. I was thinking, which is not such a good idea, if you’re into the lingo, that if I was to describe what satsang is in a way that everybody would get it, all ages, all people, I would say that it is a vacation from your life as you know it. It’s a time and space to honor who you are before you know anything, even your name, which means all of your history and the belief that you have a birth date and all of the things that happened to you to the minute you sat down in the chair tonight. You took a vacation from all of that. Somebody was just explaining to me means to vacate. It makes sense right? So, we’re vacating our lives and Tom’s poem, so exquisite. If we knew that death was so sweet, death being equated to vacating the idea that you are this person, doing something to get somewhere, perhaps to even improve your life, on top of pure, empty, perfect, still perfection. That’s your nature. Nothing short of perfection. Sweet, innocent, beautiful, pure perfection. Before the idea comes up to obliterate it that I am a person trying to make a life to do good. [Bell Ring] or whatever it is that is going on in your life, all of it.

- Recorded at Satsang in NYC, New York on June 5, 2009