Know yourself as the space before form

Just for Now

Leave behind all you own,
all you believe,
all your desires

just for now…

Enter an empty second,
get lost in the infinite,
meander to godknowswhere

The Egoic Mind

The egoic mind is a crafty phantom
It speaks silently, seduces sweetly,
then condemns
Its edicts are believed to be true
and a plan to disprove or blame is set in order
Even atheists glorify its existence
Compelled by fantasy the yarn goes on

Honor the Honor

Honor everything.
Let all be exactly the way it is.
Honor all, and leave it alone.
Let pain persist.
Allow rage to roar,
tension to taunt,
and anxiety to annihilate.

If you can do this all the illusory
blocking God will die.

What will be left my friend
is the fearless state.
The end of the fear of love.

All is silence

All is silence
and hearsay beckons
Positions, problems and pursuits persist
only for the person
No matter what you think, believe, say or do
you are the silence