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Like the glint of sunlight against a jewel,
refracted endlessly internally
Like the motion of a flower opening
Ringing eternally
Before the world is made
And after
Greedily drawing the pieces of this broken heart
The way a fire draws air
And nothing is left
And nothing can ever be wrong
As though beingness were a galaxy of pulsing suns
Pouring forth unlimited, inexhaustible energy
Piercingly sharp and envelopingly soft at the same time
You would lie down and die this instant if you knew the sweetness of death
And how it loved you
And loves you still
And will always love itself
For death is also another word for radiance
The air is singing
And dancing
The light is singing and dancing
It is being drawn back into the body-less body of God
Until there is no separation and no world
Only the bliss before the universe was born

And Applaud

Once a young man came to me and said,

“Dear Master,
I am feeling strong and brave today,
And I would like to know the truth
About all of my –attachments.”

And I replied,


Sweet Heart,
Do you really want me to speak to you
About all your attachments,

When I can see so clearly
You have built, with so much care,
Such a great brothel
To house all of your pleasures.

You have even surrounded the whole damn place
With armed guards and vicious dogs
to protect your desires

So that you can sneak away
From time to time
And try to squeeze light
Into your parched being
From a source as fruitful
As a dried date pit
That even a bird
Is wise enough to spit out.

Your attachments! My dear,
Let’s not speak of those,

For Hafiz understands the sufferings
Of your heart.

Hafiz knows
The torments and agonies
That every mind on the way to Annihilation in the Sun
Must endure.

So at night in my prayers I often stop
And ask a thousand angels to join in
And Applaud,

And Applaud
Anything in this world
That can bring your heart comfort!”

~ Hafiz translated by Daniel Ladinsky

glacial lake

Song Of Emptiness

There is movement in stillness,
A blossoming of emptiness.
All hope binds the infinite heart.
No need for it here.
In the peace of this divine space,
A white cloud would clamor.
To this joy of Being,
There is the light of eternity alone

It is silence that truly sings,
Before the world is dreamt.
No thought can know
This invisible truth.
No earth dream
Can touch this aliveness.
Mind is a great prison
Invented and owned by “I.”
Silence this phantom thought.
Beyond the veil of concept
Emptiness is singing.

~ Susan Kahn

The High Way

Signposts pointing to the ineffable
Are springing up like mushrooms.
Even the sages in the Roads Department
Have stopped beating about the bush:
‘End of hard shoulder’
‘Slow down’
‘Slower still’
‘Prepare to merge’
In the midst of the world’s traffic
a vast stillness operates.
No wonder they call it the highway.

~ Rudra aka Tim Goulding