Who Do You Think You Are?

What locks you into your
mindset of who you think you are?
Do you think before you feel?
Why is there so much repetition of
what you have let go of?
Do you believe you can let go of
something you don’t have?
like interest in money or ambition or…

What motivates one to justify their rightness or wrongness?

What are your expectations of being free?
like no more negativity or hardship
Is there any fear of having no desires
or being no one in particular?
Can it be possible to live a life
not identifying as a body?

Do I really want to be free or a freer me?

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I Think Therefore I Am Not

I think therefore I Am Not

Who are we without judgement….
I truly don’t know

We are murderers when
we are trying to demonize
the things we don’t like.

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When the Mind is Quiet

When the mind is quiet
the heart opens by itself

Awareness vibrates

Beauty becomes the lens of sight

Ordinariness and luminosity merge

Form loses its solidity

love thrills

it’s all non personal and yours
all before you think

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To Be or Not to Be

When it dawns on us that the character
we portray is not our real identity

we start to see how we endlessly try
to relieve ourselves of suffering
but never leave the sufferer

our underlying conflict may be
saying no to the truth

then there can be a fight to the finish
not to be the freedom we are striving for

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Merry Holiday and Grace!


Grace your awkwardness with a smile

take a vacation from improving

like trying to convert badness into goodness

or boredom into bliss

discredit the concept of failure
success too

don’t forget to comfort fear

and befriend your dark side
whatever’s left

Be neutral to your spiritual awareness

value confusion and clarity equally

allow defensiveness to dissolve

and catch the love of hating anything

Notice that conquerers want to be tenderly held
but think force is the way

celebrate authenticity

practice leaving your identity

permit bouts of reasonableness

and enjoy your lunacy

Feel the comfort of being nobody special

or putting yourself first

commune with spaciousness

and always remember
you are the source of love

Only Love


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Peace is knowing
that you are
the undercurrent of existence
before life,
during life and after life

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Make yourself useful

Be Still

Be still

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It is You
always open and free
A weightless power
able to meet anything
false hope
all the effort
it takes to deny

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If you want to have the perfect life…

you want
to have
perfect life


Once one accepts the label of
“I am this person” they are locked into duality

I’m sure you have noticed that when
Self is known to be guiding the whole show,
you, the player are blessed

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I didn’t modify my behavior
I didn’t try to stop my thoughts
And I gave up on trying to purify myself

I did realize that the energy
awakening conscious awareness
aligned me with oneness

In this awareness of oneness
the life is guided to
point to the oneness that we all are

I can take credit for nothing
and happiness is uncaused

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Ending Effort

Spirituality is the experiential knowingness
of formlessness,

open, powerful, alive awareness

There is not a part of you that is Spirit

You are Spirit

To know we are not the form we appear to be
and to follow that knowing, is trusting the pull of love

When we intuit this resistance and allowing, holding and letting go,
disbelief and blind faith, fear and welcoming
become non issues

We then can stop trying to perfect this creature
and let everything be as it is

or more simply put

We can BE

Formlessness then knows itself in form
whole complete and spacious
with no need to conquer anything

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Are you awake right now
or are you waiting
for divine intervention?

Is there any pretending
that separation is real?

Is there any thinking that you are this person
doing something to get somewhere?


What comes first consciousness or thought,
awareness of existence or body?

Do you accept yourself just as you are
or do you hold an ideal of how you should be?

Any adhering to your beliefs
trying to make the truth conform to your

Are you aligned with the perfection of oneness
or are you playing the right wrong game of duality?

Is the natural goodness of being enough
or does seeing throughthe lens of good and bad
feel necessary?

How about the focus of love and hate?

Do you really want to crack through your conditioning?

Do you know yourself as Self, or do you prefer
to talk about it?

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takes focus and strong
determination to know
that you are before
everything that appears,
even the silence

I would like to share this
writing by Sharrie James
from the Florida sangha

Standing in Truth

I will not return to lies and untruths just to be whats expected of me. All I want is the truth of who I am and nothing else. This is what serves me on the deepest level. It honors the truth of who I am and sets the little me free.

The little me who is the locked up personality that lives in the box of confinement with rules, and guidelines, and expectations that changes constantly, is true insanity. I am no longer choosing to live this way under the influence of lies and concepts.

I am letting go of it and watching it float away because I now know that I don’t need these insane ideas to stay afloat. I don’t need to anchor myself to anything especially not in these ever changing emotions and events. When I let go, the truth rises up and meets me right where I am.

The letting go has to happen over and over again in each moment as new thoughts and emotions come up. Clinging wants to happen as each thought or emotion arises because its an unconscious learned pattern that I respond automatically to. There is this unconscious need to cling to the safety of something, anything, an idea, a concept, a belief, anything but this is what keeps me stuck in the drama of it instead, because all this drama draws my attention to itself and I become identified with it. I then believe that this must be who I am. This confusing mess of ever changing things.

The truth is that its the letting go that frees me. The opposite of what I naturally want to do. The letting go each time, in each moment, that allows me to see. These ideas, events, beliefs or even opinions constantly arise and if I allow each one to float by and I do not cling but watch instead. I begin to see clearly that this is not me. This is something happening outside myself that I the person identify with and have believed this to be me. But now it’s seen clearly that none of this who I am.

The truth of who I am, oneness, is there in the midst of all this, watching, This presence watches the clinging or if I choose the letting go and it has no agenda, no desire for change it is just aware present stillness, that rises up to meet me once I choose to let go in each moment. As this presence meets me whatever I have just witnessed outside myself goes by. As I watch from this place I am able to see that I am not what’s happening outside myself. I see that life is happening and I am the watcher of it.

That watcher, awareness or presence is who I AM. That’s where the attention needs to be placed inward, not outward. This presence arises in me through grace not effort. This is the knower, the truth, the experiencer of all and everything that happens, can happen or will happen. This is the creative force that ALL comes through.

The mind steps in and convinces me over and over again that it’s what’s real and not what’s felt in the background, not that steady omnipresent, stillness that remains rooted at the heart of everything. This creator or creative force is the true experiencer of it all.
This is GOD.

Of course the mind steps in and says who do I think I am to known that I can experience God directly, but I know it’s a yes yes yes, I can. That’s my truth and I am standing in this truth as it sets me free of everything. This is true liberation because there is a joining with God and the Self.

I am perceiving and God is experiencing through me the Self.

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May I interrupt your life for a moment?

I invite you to stop for a moment

Take a breath

and feel the aliveness

of being whole and complete

before you know anything,

because the person

that knows

may deprive themselves

of clarity:

The lightness of an open heart

The freedom of no conditioning

The perfection of not needing

to change or improve anyone or anything

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Rumi Wisdom

Rumi summarized his life
in these three statements:

I was immature;
I became experienced;
I was consumed.


If you want what visible reality
can give, you’re an employee

If you want the unseen world,
you’re not living your truth

Both wishes are foolish,
but you’ll be forgiven for forgetting
that what you really want
is love’s confusing joy


Gamble everything for love,
if you are a true human being

If not, leave this gathering
Half-heartedness doesn’t reach
into majesty

You set out to find God,
but then you keep
stopping for long periods
at mean-spirited roadhouses


In a boat down a fast running creek,
it feels like trees on the bank
are rushing by

What seems to be changing around us
is rather the speed of our craft
leaving this world

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The Ignition of Love


Breath is
the ignition of consciousness,
a gift of love

Feel the open lightness
of possibility with no need
to shift anything

No matter what circumstances life presents,
Your nature precedes in perfection

Just as when you turn your car key,
power roars

You are the power before cognition
assumes control and steers you around

Back up, don’t pass over
the joy of oneness

Breathe in the gift of love

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Formless, Wide Open
Endless Awareness,
everyone has those credentials
before identifying as
a somebody

Oneness is a given,
humanhood is another story

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to your own mind

Agree with everything it has to say
particularly that which feels unforgivable

Agree with it all
Let it know it is right
end the rebuttals

Surrender to your mind
let it win and be free of it

Liberation is before thought
It is God given

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The world is the way the world is

The Life Force
Photo by Rupert Truman

and you are the life force

Sit quietly and watch how the breath finds you,
enters you and fills you with life.

Feel the life force.

Can you think or form beautiful words
without this gift?

Can you make a move without
the life force?

Become intimate with that which lives you.
Be one with the origin of existence.

Because as soon as you know yourself
as a human being,

conditioning runs the show,

and then it’s just one thing after another,
till the last breath.

If you get this, liberation is here right now

no matter what is happening.

(repeat, if necessary)

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Believing you are the doer

is a life sentence.

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Have you been Seeing



and becoming more Loving


Now, in this moment


Know Nothing

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All love


Trying to make an ego love

is as easy as teaching a pig to sing

It’s a good thing you’re all love

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Leave the Known

To know that you were never born

is endless peace

You are the power that is always fully present

without past regret or fear of the future


Have you noticed

that pretty much everything in life

has an unstated promise of happiness

and successfully fails consistently


Leave the known

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The origin of wealth

The origin of wealth is

the vibrancy of spirit igniting

our aliveness,

It is the power of awakeness inside everyone

as a gift of love from the universe

This vibrant energy is the origin and model of what is called wealth

because it manifests as

comfort, ease and unguarded well being

All this is naturally ours by our recognition of it

and comes before any ideas to the contrary

nullifying concepts of limitation

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Grace your awkwardness with a smile

be neutral to your spiritual awareness

stop trying to convert badness into goodness

and boredom into bliss

discredit the concept of failure ~ success too

comfort fear

be ruthless with limitation

if you have a dark side befriend it

value confusion and clarity equally

notice if there is a love of hating anything

discard defensiveness

enjoy your lunacy

permit bouts of reasonableness

notice that reality coincides with your beliefs

feel the comfort of being nobody special

celebrate your authenticity

commune with nothingness

explain nothing


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Knowing this








Knowing this

what is called reality ceases to rule you

Reminding yourself of this

all tendencies to cling to concepts lose their power

Knowing yourself IS Being yourself

and breaks through everything

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Are you an illusionist?


The swirl of thought patterns

about problems and issues,

one tries to understand, change or eliminate

are given weight and reality

by the belief in them

Our own beliefs

become our veils of darkness

creating a world of illusion

Clear seeing is the light

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everything is emptiness

everything arising is emptiness

emptiness is appearing as you

everything you see, feel and know in your world
is emptiness

frustration joy desire love

emptiness expressing itself in every nuance of existence

everything in this universe
is empty

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