Who do you think you are?

What appears to be real and solid, a person that talks, thinks, does what they do and takes themselves to be exactly what they appear to be, locks one out of the knowing that they are a vibration of energy and not solid at all.

It’s very difficult for a person to hear that. It’s like telling them that they are not real.

But we are not real. We appear to exist and we cannot possibly accept logically anything other than that. It’s like a mindset that says ‘Don’t confuse me. My mind is made up.’

My response to that is ‘I don’t want you coming in and rocking my boat. Life is difficult enough as it is without you telling me I’m not real.

In that case what appears to be real is taken for real and life is known from the person’s point of view.

That seems too limiting. There’s got to be more to life than that.

The images that we see appear so real and so solid and the mind is so trained to accept images and what they are and what they mean so automatically. Life appears to be in such sharp focus and order and procedure and action that it would be ridiculous to question it not being real. And the more accepted it is, the more solid it becomes and there is a great desire in the person to manifest their dreams and desires. There is a great thrust to become the person of their dreams and live happily ever after. Finally.

Why is it so difficult for the person to let go of these desires and dreams?

Because their dreams and desires hold an unspoken promise of happiness and fulfilment, and if they let go of them, there is nothing left.

So you can see just talking about desires and dreams which are intangible already makes them feel solid, real and important to the person and becomes their life’s passion, solidifying their existence. It solidifies the reality that is presumed to be real. They believe they were born to become all they can be. And even if there is not enough time left to manifest your dreams, you may superimpose them on your children. We are in the world Olympics in every field of endeavour imaginable, not just sports but science, literature, maths, creative arts, business, fashion, spirituality, romance, war… the great play of existence.

But isn’t that a good thing?

It can’t be any other way until it is seen and known who it is who believes they are the one enacting the role in the play.

You still haven’t answered my question. Isn’t is good that people strive to be the best they can?

Or believe that they are limited and they cannot fulfil their desires or the desires of others that they should be as good as they can be. They experience futility and know themselves as failures.

I think that is a large majority.

Well, the odds are against everyone because no-one can maintain youth – we age perfectly automatically. No-one can maintain vitality and health forever no matter what they do. No-one can have their spirits be high continually. No-one can always be the winner.

The universe is designed for us to see through the impossibility of maintaining our dreams and desires. It’s always telling us ‘It cannot work. It cannot last. It cannot be the way you think it should be.’ It tells us that even if life is as we want it, the maintenance is exorbitant and it cannot last.

For most rational people, being well-balanced and going with the flow of the ups and downs, the highs and lows of life, is considered as good as it can get. You are after all a human being living your life.

Are you promising something better than that?

Yes. I’m pointing to a radiance of being.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

What I’m saying is that when the mind and all its thoughts is considered to be your only point of reference and that everything must be seen, felt, heard and make tangible sense, and that only the material can be explained as reality, then this means of understanding obliterates the energy, the vibration and the knowingness of what gives life to the one that lives.

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