No matter what you see, hear, think, say or do, you are always free

You can disapprove of yourself
You can still have habits you haven’t gotten rid of
You can be a character that you feel needs improvement
You can be ill, emotionally, mentally or physically
and suffering is not mandatory

And you can know that everything that is felt to be true
is not who you really are
Everything felt with the senses and the body
and believed to be true by the mind
is a temporary sensation passing through,
that may be assumed to be real

Before that YOU are always totally Pure Empty Choiceless Awareness
Before everything you are Free

Being this freedom you can witness life and allow it to be as it is
You can see that everything that appears is you, Nothing is left out, everything felt is reflected back to you, anger sees anger, confusion meets more of the same, doubt meets more resistance, and Self can only see Self.

You are free and nothing can change that except your own beliefs that try to hold steadfast to the idea that you are a limited person

Being the witness you can allow this character to meet all that arises and rest
You can rest deeply in the endless freedom that lives in formless spaciousness
and is empty of all fear and lack

No imperfection lives here

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