I don’t know anything

I just came back from Ireland, which is always raining. So, I brought heavy clothes and it was sunny and warm, which it hardly ever is. It was gorgeous. So, what do I know. I don’t know anything. That’s the truth. That’s the whole truth. We think we know. We assume things. We think we have to know everything. If I was to describe what satsang is in a way that everybody would get it, all ages, all people, I would say that it is a vacation from your life as you know it. It’s a time and space to honor who you are before you know anything, even your name, which means all of your history even the belief that you have a birth date and all of the things that happened to you to the minute you sat down in the chair tonight. You are on a vacation from all of your problems, your conditioning, your unfulfilled desires. Vacation means to vacate, it makes sense right? So, we’re vacating our lives, vacating the idea that you are this person, doing something to get somewhere, perhaps to even improve your life, and we are resting in our nature. Sweet, innocent, beautiful, pure perfection.

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