God – Self – Grace


When you know the enormity of silence is home base then

God ~ Self ~ Grace

is known no matter what is going on in the life

~ all going your way or the dire opposite~

The knowingness depends on seeing your relationship with

Fear ~ Guilt ~ Hatred

Even if you have faced these feelings thousands of times

I invite you to see if there is some suppression or expression entwining you.

See if you have any positions about the mayhem going on in the world

Now look a little closer at your inner life

Then it can become obvious that there is no one to get anywhere

There is aliveness in the clear, sharp here and now

and simultaneously there is the deepest flowing open depth of

Beyond ~ Beyond ~ Beyond

beyond all descriptions spoken by anyone

What can be said about that and who can say it?

Only You

I invite you to know this as yourself


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