Everything you think is true is personal and you are not

Everything you think is true is personal and you are not.
You are a vibration of being in form
So much effort is put on being someone getting somewhere and
all is exactly the way it is supposed to be.
Only we don’t think so
We think it should be different

I am not of this world and I am in it
What happened to me!
I discovered an absence, a distance from the known and
a disinterest in the dysfunction, a leaving behind of the me.
And most importantly a touching of empty emptiness
a most fortunate meeting — dare I say it was the void
This void such a huge vastness of benevolence
all is held in its presence and nothing is excluded from
its full embrace. All is seen and touched and met.
And this touch — this touch enters and clears away
all doubt so even the idea of trust can rest.

I can see and know that no one makes anything happen
no one has any power at all, only some ideas about it
I appear exactly the same as ever but
something is missing — desire.
I have no desire for anything to be
different from the way it is
Is that something you want?
Perfection is normal and here right now
Someone seeking it is a person saying
no and yes.

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