Everything is Consciousness

Everything, Everything, Everything is Consciousness
Everything you see, Everything said, Everything felt.
Nothing is personal because You are Everything.
Everything down to the last mosquito flying to its death
on your windshield is Consciousness.
You are Consciousness.

You appear to be the person so you may think that you are the person but you are playing the part of a person, an extra in this vast play of Consciousness. Self-importance is an erroneous concept because you are Everything, Everything.

When you are conscious of being Everything, you know that Everything must be as Everything is. Nothing can be different because nothing is separate from the whole play. When we stop seeing and speaking and feeling the game of non-inclusiveness, the play shifts, and still it shifts for no one, because you are Consciousness, the witness of Everything with a front row life.

So ask yourself:
Are you enjoying the play?
Do you play well with others?
Do you think that you can make a difference?
When do you think you will feel satisfied or complete and
What is before all ideas and concepts?

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