Be True to Yourself

Who you are and who you believe yourself to be are two different things.

Who you are comes before you know yourself as this person.

It is known in the huge silence when the mind is quiet, True happiness, true peace live in this state. In this silent spaciousness all is known to be complete, untouchable, unchangeable and indescribable and it can not be extinguished. This state of being is the essential nature of all living things.

Be true to yourself. Who you really are, can never be harmed.

What you see and react to as a person is your dream of existence. It is the belief that you are your mind and the form you appear to be. One usually listens to one’s mind and believes what it hears. All others that appear are also taken as their form. The world is taken seriously because all you see, hear, and feel is taken as reality, and reacted to.

This being so, people are consumed with wanting their life to have purpose, wanting their endeavors to amount to something, and wanting life to be pain free. The focus becomes me looking outside of myself to find, get and hold on to what I want.

This means that all happiness, love, and safety must be sought. This becomes complicated because of ingrained cultural beliefs, your particular conditioning, and your personal opinion of yourself (that the mind keeps affirming).

What we also see in our world are others pointing out the positive and negative positions that we are holding. We agree or disagree with their opinions. And we are always judging our own progress of appearing to be the best person we can be, considering our limitations that we are doing our best to conceal.

Do we see ourselves as a good or bad person?
Am I good enough now or do I have to work harder and improve?

Am I a winner or a loser?
Whatever one is involved in, does losing seem like a viable option?

The world honors power, it is revered and feared.
Do I see myself as powerful or weak?

Am I a success or a failure?

Am I seen as right or wrong?
Do I try to prove my point and need the last word?

I keep going for what makes me happy and avoiding unhappiness.
Am I a happy person?

Am I healthy or hoping to attain it?

Am I worthy or unworthy, wanted or not wanted?

Do I feel loved or unloved? Am I included or neglected? Do I love myself?

What frustrates me? What is too infuriating to accept?

Do I see the world through the veil of justice or injustice?

What am I afraid of? What must I avoid?

Am I resistant or open to life?

The list goes on and on, add your own beliefs.

When one is on a spiritual path the same judgments are applied to the presumed level of one’s growth.

Am I selfless or do I still have traits of selfishness?

Am I willful or in a state of surrender? Can I allow all that is?

Am I looking for security in someone, or someplace or in something?

Am I craving security or living in it?

Am I peaceful? Do I still defy anything?

Do I feel hurtful or am I awake to who I Am?

All problems and disconnections are a clear reflection of one’s erroneous belief in being separate. All issues appear on top of your real nature. See what feels true and introduce it to That which always is.

Turn around and face yourself.

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