Being Free

Everything Matters when you see yourself as matter.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why can’t I get to some state of balance, be content and stay there”? Here is what happened, you got lost. You diverted your attention from the wonder of “being” to the meaning of the story – the story of your life – and then got lost in it. Instead of watching and enjoying the movie, you became a character with a life to live, with things to make happen, problems to solve, and responsibilities to inhabit.

As a person, you can only be happy some of the time, and happiness seems to come only when circumstances are just right-just the way you want them to be. This is because as a separate entity, joy is not inherent. It has to happen through something or someone else.

As persons we have to deal with emotional states of depression, disappointment, futility, pain, fear, desire, craving, outrage, disgust, self hatred, rejection, haughtiness, and happiness that we desperately try to hold on to.

Then there is the issue of our self image. How do we really feel about ourselves? Do we see ourselves as good or bad, valuable or worthless, powerful or weak, lucky or a loser, happy or despondent, bright or dim, desired or left out? And how do we try to disguise our own self-assessment and present ourselves outwardly?

Here is where we see each character locked into its perceived reality: feeling limited, begging for love; or screaming for the other to do what pleases them to prove that the other cares by not upsetting them; or nurturing to the extreme to manipulate the other; or pushing passionate living to the extreme to win some abstract contest because winning is the only option.

All of it becomes our habitual way of being that results in behavior that we regret, and ultimately becomes our warden.

Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, India

Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, India

All one’s beliefs, strategies for sustaining a life, all concepts, all conditioning, all sense of possibility; in fact, everything known and held to be true are congealed to the main belief “I am this person in this body: that is my identification.” Now life reflects all that one is holding consciously and that which has been denied and stuffed away. We see ourselves everywhere we look. Now we are back in duality. It is all about me and my efforts to fix, change, improve, look for the end of suffering, and, in short, search for my happy, perfect life.

Many people, especially those on a spiritual path, believe that in order to be free one has to overcome these behaviors and become pure, and, at the same time, most believe that this is impossible.

This isn’t true. It just isn’t so. Let the person be because submerged underneath all of it is your perfect Self already awake.

We are all already awake, it is the natural state, and its nature is known when one is conscious of ‘being’ before clicking into identifying as the personal identity. This awakeness is the all pervading fullness of only ‘Good’ with no space left for anything else.

Here it is known that the body is a phantom taken for solid reality. Knowing this is seeing through the mystery of existence.

You are the strength, knowledge and impervious peace of being. Happiness stands alone in its natural state, and there is no way that it can end.

“If you let go of the I am
the body idea,
all of your problems
will fly away"

- Ramana Maharshi

From the introduction of Stuart’s book The Great Undoing