About Stuart

Stuart is not unlike a benign border guard who joins the train as it passes from our familiarly programmed country into a country without agendas boundaries or rules; in short home.

He helps the passengers search their compartments for shadows that have tormented and impeded their journey for many a year and robbed them of their peace of mind. They mistook those shadows for cast iron reality. He looks past the baggage they carry, the sorrows and pains of separation, and delicately but expertly shines a high powered torch on all that is presented. Of course the shadows that seemed so real vanish in the beam of the spotlight.. This light is the presence of peace and love which gobbles up illusory mind-frames. In this stillness the world and the individual identity fades leaving behind our birthright; the child’s view which has been compared to The Kingdom of Heaven.

That said there is also a way in which his presence and light can sometimes be more diffuse,
just a sitting together in silence without the beam of a spotlight or specific guidance or investigating just the pure beingness that comes through him, can work in a deep and mysterious way. Attending a satsang or a private session with Stuart is a surprisingly revealing and wonderful experience. Watching our state of mind being forensically examined and taken apart is an adventure and a relief.

Stuart posesses that rare skill of being able to compassionately and humourously lead a person past layers of self exclusivity,. In fact he leads us past the person altogether to the substratum of consciousness. This he accomplishes by utilizing a deep understanding of the human psyche and the ways of the reactive mind. Resting in stillness himself he gently guides his pupil through self enquiry till the Presence swallows any questions.

Tim Goulding

Bristol, UK