A story about Projectors and Reactors

Everything we’re seeing outside of ourselves is coming from inside of ourselves. As the person, we think that life is happening outside coming towards us, then we react to it. We become reactive to what we think is real outside. But it starts on the inside.

Whatever you believe or think is what is projected outside. It comes second. So if you’re agitated, you’ll see agitation around you. Even if the agitation is a little suppressed. If you feel angry, you will meet an angry checker at the supermarket or see people arguing, it will call your attention. If not, you might see it but it won’t click for you. You won’t pay attention to it.

That’s why I call it a movie. You are the projector, like in the movie theater. Your belief images are seen and believed to be real. And when you don’t realize that, then you think you are a person reacting to things appropriately.

The world is as real as you believe it to be

I would say do less, notice your reactions of what you consider right and wrong, and leave it immediately, dishonor it.

Like I hate this, but I’m not touching the hatred so it isn’t honored and entered. Then it can just drift by, and it doesn’t have to become a solid situation to deal with.

Look at your annoyance with that person in your life who drinks so much. You know you are the Self, even if you are an alcoholic.

If the drinking happens over and over again its like the groove in a record gets deeper and deeper. It becomes the karmic pattern.

You can know that he can’t be different in this moment.

So that would really change my energy around him wouldn’t it, to really, fully go into that?

Yes, it would, wouldn’t it. Then you would start to see that things would shift.

Really? Tell me more.

Well how did things shift with the person where there was so much opposition?

By me looking at me and the judgements that I was holding. I had to look at me before I could feel clear with her.

Exactly. So you are the one who is holding that “drinking is bad , he should stop, he should change.” He should stop suppressing his feelings and be more open.

This is interesting. I am holding the cards.

This is your movie, and this is a very sad part. You are seeing wrongness coming back to you.

I get what you are saying.

Of course, but it takes a lot awareness of Self through silence to to get what I’m saying here.

You are telling me how. I know from my other experience that I can be still and I can see differently.


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